Team Foundation Server 2012 Administration – 3 Days

Visual Studio 2012 (VS 2012) Administration Overview


This course will provide an overview of the administration and configuration of ‘Visual Studio 2012’. It will cover introduction to VS 2012, Team Foundation Server (TFS) and VS 2012 administration namely installing and Configuring Microsoft Team Foundation Server, permission settings, creation of team project collection and team projects, configure Build and customize process template.

Duration: 3 Day

Pre-Requisites for the course:

Participants should have

  • Experience using Virtual PC software, Visual Studio IDE, SharePoint Foundation, and SQL Reporting Services.

Course Contents

Day 1:

1.  Introducing Team Foundation Server 2012

  • Overview of the Visual Studio 2012 family
  • Overview of TFS architecture
  • Installing and configuring TFS prerequisites
  • Planning a TFS Deployment for different scenarios
  • TFS 2012 Installation


2.  Migrating to TFS

  • Overview of Migration Options
  • Upgrading from previous versions of TFS
  • Migrating from Visual SourceSafe


3.  Managing TFS instances

  • Using the TFS Administration Console
  • TFS Backup and Restore strategies
  • Managing a TFS Instance
  • Managing TFS Health and Availability
  • Managing TFS service accounts


Day 2:

4.  Creating and managing Team Projects

  • Creating Team Projects
  • Understanding Team Project Collections
  • Deleting Team Projects

5.  Managing Security and Permissions

  • Overview of TFS security
  • Configuring security using standard groups
  • Understanding and configuring Teams
  • Fine-grain security options
  • Troubleshooting security

6.  Working with Work Items

  • Overview of Work Item Tracking
  • Creating custom work item queries
  • Configuring alerts

7.  Source Control Configuration

  • Create source control folder structures
  • Setting team project wide source control settings
  • Setup and manage workspaces
  • Understanding branching and merging
  • Using the TF command line utility
  • Using the TFS Rollback command
  • Backward compatibility using the MSSCCI provider

8.  Team Build

  • Installing and configuring the Build Controller and Agents
  • Understanding Build workflow
  • Defining  and executing the Team Build


Day 3:

9.  Managing Process Templates

  • Understanding project templates
  • Basics of template customization
  • Adding new fields to Work Item Types
  • Adding new Work Item Types
  • Adding new queries and reports
  • Updating an upgraded Team Project

10.  Reporting

  • Understanding the Reporting Architecture
  • Adding new reports
  • Creating ad-hoc reports using Excel
  • TFS Warehouse and OLAP Cube overview

11.  Useful third party tools

  • Power Tools
  • Third party products

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