Team Foundation Server 2012 – Overview – 0.5 days

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 Overview


This course will provide an overview of the ‘Team Foundation Server 2012’. It will cover features and services of Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2012 including project management, source code control, team build and reporting.

Duration: Half Day

Pre-Requisites for the course:

Participants should have

  • Experience as Developers or Testers or project Leads and Project Manager

Course Contents

1. Visual Studio 2012 Overview

2. Project Management features

  • Introduction to the Project Management features
  • Demonstration
    • Team Project Collection
    • Team Project Creation
    • Work item tracking
    • Traceability between work items
    • Agile Project Management features through Web Access
    • Team Portal
    • Reports
    • Storyboarding capabilities
    • Microsoft Feedback Client


3. Enterprise ready Source Code Control

  • Introduction to Enterprise ready Source Code Control
  • Demonstration
    • Checkouts / Check-ins
    • Branch Visualization
    • Suspend and Resume
    • Check-in policies


4. Introduction to Team Build Features

  • Introduction to Team Build features
  • Demonstration
    • Configuring builds
    • Gated Check-in
    • Scheduling builds
    • Build agent pooling

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